Potholes are a hot topic right now. They're so annoying! And also pretty dangerous! So naturally, a question people are asking is how do cities decide which potholes to fix first? We all want the one that's most inconvenient to us to get fixed first, right? That's the most important one!

I spoke with Travis from the Faribault Public Works Department and he said that they usually send out two crews each day and they work in a grid to fill as many potholes as they can as they come across them. If someone reports a really bad pothole on a major road they'll go off their course to fix that pothole first.

If you would like to report a pothole you can contact the call (507) 333-0361. Or, there's now a way for you to report a pothole online which you can do HERE! When you report a pothole, make sure to provide an address near the pothole or a landmark so they can find the pothole easier.

In a post by Heather Brown from WCCO she said: "by early afternoon on Tuesday, one street crew in South Minneapolis had already filled 140 potholes." That's crazy!


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