I'd like to think I am a law-abiding person. I use the crosswalk, clean-up after my dog on walks, and I generally pay for things. This past weekend, however, I unintentionally left a store without paying for an item. And I got caught. 

So I had to work this weekend, and my normal routine on days that I go to work is, fill up my tank all the way, grab a coffee, and maybe a sandwich or something for lunch if I don't pack something. Saturday morning comes I head to my local gas station and fill up my vehicle, grab a hot coffee, and then an energy drink for later in the day. I pay for my items and leave.

Fast forward to Monday morning and at that same gas station, I am presented with a surveillance video still of me pumping gas and then inside the store at the coffee station. The clerk behind the desk blushed and told me that I drove off without paying for my gas Saturday. I wanted to die. Luckily no one was in the store to see my embarrassment.

The clerk said that it happens all the time with regular customers since the staff is so familiar with them they go off script.

Well, I paid for my gas Monday morning and what I had pumped on Saturday morning as well. Now I make sure to tell the clerk, no matter who it is, that I also have gas outside.

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