We have less than 2 weeks left before Christmas, and that means less than 2 weeks to finish Christmas shopping. I am usually so organized and have my shopping done by Thanksgiving, not so much this year. I don't even have ornaments on my tree, so I am way behind. Of course this means that I am nowhere near being finished with my shopping.

I got to thinking about my budget, and how much I can realistically afford for Christmas, without using a credit card. So, I am paring my list of people I have to buy for way down. This means if I didn't give birth to you, you are probably not getting a gift.

According to everydollar.com, the average amount people are planning to spend on Christmas is about $906. I know I will fall way below that amount, I will most likely get by with less than $150, and even less than that if you don't count baking and cooking supplies.

How much are you planning to spend, or spent?

Christmas presents

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