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Minnesota's top ten highest-paid state employees all do pretty well, but take a look at just how much money the highest-paid employee will take home this year.

The thing about working for the state of Minnesota is that while you generally enjoy a fairly stable working environment and some pretty decent benefits, your salary is public record-- because it's our tax dollars, after all, that are paying state workers' salaries.

This is why the state of Minnesota releases information every year on state employees' salaries. Like, who's making the most money, for instance. (And, I guess, who's making the LEAST amount of money, too, if you look at the other end of the list.)

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And this year, according to this Patch story, Ahmed Shabeer takes the top spot on the highest-paid state employee list. Dr. Shabeer is a psychiatrist at the Anoka Regional Treatment Center, and is set to take home $581,550.26 this year, the most of any state employee here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.


Eight of the top ten highest-paid state employees in the North Star State are also psychiatrists and work for the state Human Services Department, Patch noted. Only last year's highest-paid employee, Perry Mansco, who's executive director of the state's Investment Board (and makes $452,007.30); and John S. Barry, a Medical Specialist 4 with the Minnesota Sex Offender Program in Moose Lake (who makes $397,822.60) aren't psychiatrists.

If you're wondering about Minnesota Governor Tim Walz-- he's not in the top 10. In fact, according to the Minnesota Management and Budget Office, the governor is 122nd on the list, with a salary of $127,639.

And, as the story noted, the list DOESN'T include employees at the University of Minnesota, where Gopher head football coach PJ Fleck is easily the highest-paid employee. Check out how much he makes:

This SB Nation/Daily Gopher story says Fleck signed a contract extension last December which reportedly gave him a million-dollar raise. That would put his salary at around $6.1 million this year-- up from the cool $5 million he made last year. (Which is apparently standard in the Gopher State, because we *all* got a million-dollar raise this year, right?!? <--- sarcasm font ON)

And, they may not be with the state of Minnesota, but if you're looking to add to your paycheck, maybe you'd like one of the top-paying jobs here IN the state of Minnesota. Keep scrolling to check out this list of the Bold North's 30 highest-paying jobs.

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