Classic cars are awesome! I grew up with my dad driving around a 1970 K5 Blazer, and I still can smell the exhaust of 'Babe the Blue Beast' when I close my eyes and picture the rumble of her muffler. So imagine my surprise when I saw that these International Scout builds are utilizing a Faribault made product inside their vehicles. Automaker New Legend 4×4 takes classic offroaders and turns them into incredible modern machines. Its latest “Runner” series aims to keep that classic patina while offering a contemporary driving experience. 

The brand wants to keep the cool original patina found on these classic SUV's but gives the interiors and mechanicals refurbished modern components. When it comes to the interiors they keep the classic look and feel by maintaining and reusing the original seats, steering wheel, and other small parts, but everything is freshened up. It's with the seats we reach our local business connection!The accents for the seats come from a wool Faribault Mills blanket refurbished into the side panels and headliner.

Keeping the vibe.

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The next time you look at one of those well crafted, made in America wool blankets let that tear roll down your cheek as they are now being re-purposed into some seriously cool Scout builds!


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