It's going to be so hot we might melt as soon as we walk outside! Ok, probably not, but in Faribault on Friday it's supposed to hit 97! So if you're looking for some tips to beat the heat this weekend, you've come to the right place!


  • 1

    Wear Cotton

    Cotton is a much more breathable fabric so choose that over silk or polyester. Bonus points if it's loose fabric AND if you wear a light color!

  • 2

    Put Ice in Front of a Fan

    I've heard this trick many times before! Get a bowl of ice or ice tray and put it in front of a running fan. Then sit in front and enjoy the cool breeze!

  • 3

    Put Your Sheets in the Freezer

    Before going to bed, toss your sheets in the freezer for a couple minutes and, tah dah, you have nice cool blankets for your bed!

  • 4

    Stick Your Feet in an Ice Bath

    Your feet and ankles have a ton of pulse points so a good way to cool down is keeping your feet cool. My tip: wear sandals and if that's not good enough then dunk your feet in an ice bath!

  • 5

    Stay Hydrated!

    This is so important! You're going to be sweating. A lot. So stay hydrated and you won't run the risk of passing out! That'd be good!

  • 6

    Or Just Live With it and Hop in the Pool!

    If you have a pool in your backyard, you're lucky! Go hop in your pool with a cold beverage and enjoy the heat! Or stop by a local pool or beach and soak up the sun. We all know winter will come sooner than we hope...

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