Pop, pop, pop, pop....this is a sound NOBODY wants to hear coming from their engine, and turning up the radio to not hear it, well, that's not the answer. I heard that noise coming from my vehicle, and of course, my first thought was, "oh God, now what." I had my fingers crossed that there was just something that needed to be warmed up, no such luck.

So, I called my trusty mechanic, who came back into town to look at my vehicle and then said those dreaded words, I can't drive it safely until it's fixed. But, the silver lining moment, it's not as bad as he at first thought it was. Turns out my water pump is going out, so the belt is trying to jump off the pulley, hence the popping noise. No major damage, as far as the engine goes. Well, the vehicle needs to get out to his shop, nobody can tow it with a tow strap, so there's now a bill for the towing company. As a smart tip, keep the roadside assistance on your insurance or get AAA. In hindsight, I should have kept the towing on my insurance plan. Oh well, lesson learned. At least the tow charges aren't astronomical and they came right out within an hour of my calling them.

Here's the best part, I have some pretty amazing friends here, as well as fantastic co-workers. I have gotten rides to and from work, and now, the BFF has let me borrow her car for the day. In addition to the use of the car, the tank is full, and she bought me breakfast for my troubles. Everyone needs a BFF like her, you just can't have her.

I can't think of a "good" time to have a vehicle breakdown, but, I can say that just before the holidays is one of the worst times. I am just glad it's nothing worse than the water pump, and that I can function without a vehicle for a few days. If it wasn't so unseasonably cold, I would be out walking to work, what's a mile or so on a nice day?

A scene nobody wants to see when it's your own vehicle. Melissa Hall/TSM
A scene nobody wants to see when it's your own vehicle. Melissa Hall/TSM

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