Kirk Cousins is just missing his plaid shorts with socks and sandals after cracking a dad-like joke at a teammate's expense. The Vikings quarterback revealed during a media session after practice today that he calls one of his offensive linemen the "Crime Dog" after former MLB 1st baseman Fred McGriff. His lineman had no idea where Kirk got that nickname from.

After practice today Kirk Cousins was made available to the media and the topic of his offensive line came up, specifically the play of Christian Darrisaw this season. Kirk talked about Darrisaw's first game against the Carolina Panthers, in which the Vikings won, and how he "never noticed that he was there" until the last play of the game.

I guess if you are a starting NFL quarterback, not noticing a lineman is a good thing.

Anyway, Kirk continued on talking about Darrisaw and revealed that he affectionately calls him the "crime dog" after former MLB player Fred McGriff, who actually got that name from ESPN's Chris Berman, who was comparing McGriff to McGruff, the animated crime-fighting dog.

Kirk apparently was approached by Darrisaw after he was given the moniker, and it sounds like Kirk got really into telling Christian all about the former MLB player. I mean look at Kirk's eyes as he relates the story below!

I thought the purpose of a nickname was to be something of a trait or maybe a funny moment. My brother has the nickname 'Sleepy' as when we worked together at a golf store he was always telling co-workers how tired he was, needless to say, his nickname stuck, but I'm not too sure about Darrisaw's though...

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