Yesterday afternoon I headed out to the mall close to my apartment to go to Jared's (yes, the "He went to Jared!" store) to get my engagement ring cleaned and do some warranty check.

A little backstory: the warranty my ring came with requires you to go to the store every 6 months for them to clean and check the ring to make sure there's nothing coming apart or something. Kind of annoying but that's ok, it gives me an excuse to shop at the mall!

Anyway, I go to the mall and head over to Jared and it's NOT THERE ANYMORE! I was so shocked! I didn't think it had been that long since I had been to the mall.

So now I have to find a different Jared to go to and I'm slightly annoyed.

In case you're wondering, yes I did stick around at the mall and shopped, and probably spent too much money at Ulta, but it's fine!

Has a store you always shopped at randomly closed?


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