An iconic and architecturally rare gas station in Northern Minnesota was recently sold after being in one family for almost 60 years. The R.W. Lindholm Service Station, which is often referred to as the Frank Lloyd Wright Gas Station was sold to a Minneapolis company for $250,000. 

The gas station is unique as it has an observation area, that originally contained a custom made coffee table and egg-shaped chairs that completed the little lounge area. But why did famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright design a gas station? It was a request from the original owner according to the Duluth News Tribune, Ray Lindholm after Wright designed his family home.

The business had remained in the Lindholm family for nearly 60 years as it was passed down to his daughter and then to his daughter's sons who recently sold the iconic building to Minneapolis based company Broadacre, LLC.

Interestingly enough the name of the business that bought the 1958 gas station Broadacre, LLC, is somewhat of an homage to Wright as he had a goal to build an entire city of his own design in Buffalo, New York, which he planned to name... “Broadacre City”.

You can see more photos of the gas station including the observation deck here.

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