It's been a long time coming for Waseca County Sheriff's Office Deputy Josh Langr. Last October while responding to a fatal car crash, Langr was shocked by a downed powerline and was airlifted to HCMC for medical treatment. Yesterday was Deputy Langr's first day back on the job after 9 months. And judging by the picture the Waseca County Sheriff's Office shared he certainly looks happy to be back. 

In a post to the Waseca County Sheriff Offices Facebook page:

"Langr will be on modified duty until ready to return to active full-time duty in the near future. As some of you remember, On October 24, 2019, Deputy Langr was critically injured when he came into contact with a downed high voltage power line while working at the scene of a fatal crash and was airlifted for treatment.

Its exciting to see he's made so much progress and is healing nicely. He's maintained such a positive attitude through all of this and said today that he is excited to get back to patrol duties in the near future." - Waseca County Sheriff's Office

Langr was critically injured on Oct. 24, while he was responding to a fatal car crash when he came in contact on a downed power line. According to a Fox-9 report, Langr endured "200,000 milliamps and an estimated 1,300 volts entered through his head and out through the sides of both his feet."

For comparison according to, police issued tasers puts out "1,200 volts which is 10x more voltage than a typical wall outlet but since the Taser’s current is regulated and they’re usually powered by nothing more than a few AA batteries, its current output is small enough (less than 2 milliamps, or 0.002 amps) that it will cause severe pain but it won’t actually kill you."

On behalf of the community, we wanted to tell you, welcome back Deputy Langr!

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