Is the quiet town of Winona about to get a Disney World? The answer is 'No', but what is taking place there is eerily similar to how Walt Disney created his own theme park in Florida. According to this Star Tribune article, an Indiana company is buying up properties at sometimes four times the market value. So far the company Rock LLC has spent around 3 million dollars in purchasing land. 

So how does this line up with Disney World? The company Rock LLC agent in the article states "he's signed a nondisclosure agreement and can't share information about plans for the land." This secrecy is much how Walt Disney began piecing together the property that would later be known as Disney World. Disney used several shell companies to purchase large tracks of land in Florida in the 1960's so he could make a larger scale version of Disneyland without being hemmed in like he was in Anaheim by hotels.

Now this probably isn't the case because when you search Rock LLC on the Indiana Secretary of State you do get information and a name of a general partner. 

This leads to the question, what are they going to do with all the property that they have purchased?

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