Septembers in Minnesota can be both cool and fall-like and yet still have some hot and steamy stretches too. But it's not too surprising to learn that snow has, in fact, fallen in Minnesota during September, is it?

I realize we've just gone through another week of hot and humid week weather that's seemed more like July than September. In fact, it's probably had you turning on your air conditioner, not your furnace (our latest sky-high RPR bill shows just how much we've been using our AC!), but this IS Minnesota-- and that white stuff never seems to be too far away.

This year was a little strange in that we didn't have any snow in January, and then had a really snowy February that gave us the snowiest season ever. But September is far too early to start talking about snow, right? Even October is early, although I do remember that freak Halloween blizzard of 1991 that dumped a ton of snow on us.

But, yes, snow has fallen in Minnesota during September. According to, "snowfall is especially unusual in September. Across much of central, western and southern portions of Minnesota, a measurable September snowfall occurs about once every 50 years," the site noted.

But wait, there's more. According to the Minnesota DNR, snow has even been recorded here in Minnesota in... August! That's right, this DNR story says there was, in fact, a trace of snow that fell at the Duluth Airport on August 31, 1949!

Excuse, I'm going to head out to the garage and see if my snowblower starts...

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