A good sub-sandwich is something that can take your day from good to great. I prefer the Italian Melt when I go into my local Subway for lunch or dinner. But will that Subway still be around by the end of the year? Subway is planning to close 500 U.S. locations this year, according to Bloomberg News.

This isn't something new to the sandwich maker as they recently closed 800 stores nationwide. You might think the $5 footlong is facing it's downfall due to burgers and chicken. Not so fast my friend, according to Fortune Magazine everyone from Target to Walgreens has been adding take-out sandwiches to their food offerings.

For all the negative news surrounding Subway, there is some good news for those stores that remain open. Subway recently unveiled a new loyalty program offering $2 off as part of its company's turnaround plan, with the goal of getting existing customers to come by more regularly. Subway isn't stopping their quest to win over its customers, they recently added a mobile phone and are adding touchscreen kiosks in some of its stores.

As far as a list of stores slated to close, Subway hasn't shared that information with the public yet.

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