Here's something you don't often see in December in Minnesota: our mild temperatures lately have made it warmer here than in parts of the desert southwest.


After some colder days earlier this month, we've now been enjoying some above-average temperatures the past few days here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. And, they've been warm enough that on Saturday, Minnesota notched a milestone you don't see every day.

Up in International Falls-- the Minnesota city right on the Canadian border (almost 6 hours north of Rochester) usually known for its extreme cold temperatures (they don't call it the "nation's icebox" for nothing, you know)-- they hit 46 degrees for a high on Saturday. That's impressive in its own right because it's nearly 20 degrees above the average Minnesota high of 27 degrees-- something we don't see often in December.

But Saturday's high was also impressive because it meant that it was warmer in Minnesota on December 15th than it was in Albuquerque, New Mexico! That's according to WCCO-TV morning meteorologist Matt Brickman, who noted the feat on his Twitter page, saying that while it was 46 in International Falls, it was only 45 down in New Mexico.

In case you're curious, Albuquerque (which you're familiar with if you've watched Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul) usually has an average high of around 52 degrees in December. So while they were a few degrees below that, Minnesota (once again) was quite the over-achiever in the weather department!

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