Celebrated on the 1st Thursday of November, it's officially "Men Make Dinner Day," and no, calling for take-out doesn't count. It used to be the men worked and women stayed home taking care of all of the domestic duties. Time has changed that, and it is not uncommon to find both partners in a relationship working full-time jobs, and even raising children.

In my experience, even if the woman is working, she is doing a good majority of meal preparation. In my experience, I know this isn't true for every relationship. Today is the day that the man can go to town in the kitchen and really show off his culinary skills. A lot of celebrity chefs are men, so nobody thinks men can't cook. Today gives the average Joe a chance to impress his family, and maybe gives the woman the night off.

I am all for a day where I don't have to cook, and I enjoy cooking. Maybe, since I don't have a man living with me, I'll have my daughter cook. That's almost the same thing.


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