Just when I thought today was just going to be another run of the mill kind of Thursday, I discovered that it's actually National Fried Chicken Day. I love fried chicken so this is my kind of day. I'll be able to celebrate this day at one of the many restaurants here in town, unlike yesterday, which was National Bikini Day. I just can't pull off wearing a bikini in celebration of the day that, according to DaysOfTheYear.com, the bikini was invented back in 1964.

Getting back to National Fried Chicken Day, if it's not raining this evening, why not get the family together and help celebrate this day with a bucket of delicious fried chicken, some mashed potatoes, corn or green beans, coleslaw and dessert. You pick the dessert - I'd probably go with some apple pie but that's just me.

NationalDayCalendar.com states that Scottish immigrants introduced the deep south to their tradition of deep-frying chicken and over the years it's evolved with spices, seasonings, breadings and different ways to fry it.

After writing this article, I think I'll be celebrating National Fried Chicken Day for lunch, I'll never be able to wait for supper. By the way it's also National Umbrella Cover Day, what a strange thing to celebrate.

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