Just south of Faribault you can witness a stunning sight along I-35. If you drive along the highway at night between now and New Year's Day a tree covered in lights has probably caught your attention.

Jerry Lageson is the man behind this amazing tree. He's been doing it for seven years and his red oak tree has around 45,000 white lights. He was originally inspired by the tree that used to be lit every holiday season along highway 77 in Bloomington.

Jerry's tree has become a phenomenon around the world! A couple from England, Andy and Lisa, were so in awe of his tree that they flew all the way to Minnesota just to see it.

Andy told KARE 11, “'To most people, they probably think this is a normal tree, but this is a special tree.'” Jerry agreed and said, “'In this dark world we can use a little light.'”


Source: KARE 11


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