I remember as a kid I would look forward to winter as much as I now look forward to summer. I loved to be out in the snow whether it was sledding down a hill, building a snow fort complete with snowballs for ammo, building a snowman, snowmobiling, skiing and of course ice skating. We would usually broom off an area of frozen ice in the field next to where I lived and play a quick game of hockey with the neighborhood kids. That makeshift rink was usually a little bumpy and a little to small to really be able to skate fast, so it was always fun to go skating at the local rink. For me it was the ice rink at Lincoln Elementary School in Faribault. It was kept clean of snow, pretty smooth and huge, so there was plenty of room to skate without bumping into someone.

I'm sure the folks in Owatonna appreciate a good place to skate and, fortunately for them, they have a couple nice places in town. The river isn't frozen enough for skating but there's an inline rink and the south pond's available for skating at Morehouse. You can rent skates and cross country skis or warm up in the Chalet. While you're there, enjoy hot chocolate and a variety of concessions. On Saturday evenings, starting at 5:30PM, there's a bonfire that the whole family can gather around for heat and some great winter memories. Rink hours are Monday through Friday 3-9:30PM, Saturday 11AM to 9:30PM, Sunday noon to 9:30PM and no school days 11AM to 9:30PM. So grab the kids and hit the ice for some fresh air and fun this winter.



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