Soon, it will no longer be smooth sailing for Minnesota motorists traveling on I-35 through Hinckley, particularly during peak travel times, due to a large Minnesota Department of Transportation project.

Of course, anyone traveling from the Northland to the Twin Cities and vice versa has grown accustomed to slowed travel due to various road construction projects, and it's time once again to plan on road trips taking longer, and to bring your patience along for the ride.

According to MDOT, this is Phase 2 of a two-year bridge replacement project in the area.

Hinckley Bridge Replacement Project

The Hinckley Bridge Replacement Project is a two-year, $25.6 million project that is impacting travel on I-35 from 1.0 miles south of MN 48 to 2.2 miles north of MN 48. MnDOT has divided the project into 3 phases.

Ultimately, the following bridges will be replaced:

  • Northbound and southbound I-35 bridges over the Grindstone River, located 0.3 miles north of the junction of MN 48
  • Northbound and southbound I-35 bridges over the BNSF railroad located 1.2 miles north of the junction of MN 48.
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Also, the bridge over I-35 at MN 48 will be repaired and there will be an unbonded concrete overlay placed on I-35 from 1.0 miles south of MN 48 to 2.2 miles north of MN 48.

You can click the button below for full explanations and maps of each stage of this project.


Phase 2 Begins On Monday, May 13

MnDOT announced it will start work on I-35 in Hinckley on Monday, May 13.

Motorists can expect lane closures on Monday, and traffic switched to single-lane, head-to-head travel on the southbound lanes starting on Tuesday the 14th. Delays are expected in this work zone, especially during peak weekend travel times such as Friday evenings and Sundays.

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Motorists in the impacted area should remember all construction activities and traffic impacts are weather and schedule-permitting and subject to change. All motorists are also urged to be attentive, drive with caution, and slow down in work zones where workers are present.

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