I thought Wisconsin had the most fun but it turns out the opposite may be true! A recent study says that one of the most miserable cities in the entire country is in Wisconsin. This time around, Minnesota didn't make the cut.

This study was put together using U.S. Census Bureau data, which means it uses real data from the census to look at factors like crime, commute time, income and the like. They did this to discover which cities are not thriving like the rest of the country.

To my surprise, Milwaukee is one of them. How does this study figure? According to their reasoning, the city is too industrial and also a "mess" by a bunch of different standards. The study also cites the crime rate, which is high, with the exception of a few parts of the city.

I have never been to Milwaukee so I cannot confirm or deny that it is what this study refers to as an "industrial mess" but apparently, you can't deny fact: the city has a high poverty and unemployment rate.

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Science-a2z.com said the following about the Wisconsin city and why it made the cut;

Another city filled with an industrial mess, Milwaukee is not pretty. Additionally, the crime rate is pretty high. While some areas remain safer than others, some more dangerous spots of the city are responsible for a crime rate of 1,597 per 100,000 people.


The city is not helped by a poverty rate of 28.4-percent and an unemployment rate of 4.6-percent. On the upside, the police force may be slowly beating crime.


If you are reading this and happen to be from Milwaukee, don't fear. A bunch of other famous cities were also named some of the most miserable and they are thriving just fine! Baltimore is on the list, along with other famous cities like Lansing, Michigan and North Miami. Most of the cities on the list are located in California.

Every city and state has their pros and their cons. Sadly, Milwaukee was also recently named the ugliest town in Wisconsin. On the bright side, three restaurants located in the city made the cut on Yelp's list of 100 Places To Eat in the country, which counts for something!

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