Area construction companies, union reps, and recruiters will be on hand once again for Construction Career Night at the DECC.

Construct Tomorrow was founded in 2013 to bring awareness to high school students about the amazing post-secondary opportunities in the construction and building trades industries.

The trades have struggled to find adequate numbers of workers and apprentices, even though they typically offer good wages and benefits. Events like Construction Career Night can help students get an idea of what the work would be like.

Caiaimage/Trevor Adeline
Caiaimage/Trevor Adeline

Many different construction companies will be on hand, including Kraus-Anderson and Boldt. Trade organizations like the National Association of Women in Construction, and 218 Trades will also be available to meet with. Community job programs also will be there including the Duluth Workforce Development, AFL-CIO Community Services, and CareerForce.

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Students can meet with employers and even try out some of the different tools and equipment that are used on the job.

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The big draw for a student looking to get into the trades is the ability to "earn while you learn." Students can talk to expert members of the Construction Union Apprenticeship Programs, and most Construction Unions will be in attendance.

The event takes place on March 12, 2024, from 4:30-6:30 pm at the Duluth

google maps
google maps

Entertainment and Convention Center's Edmund Fitzgerald Hall located on the ground level of the City Side Convention Center at 350 Harbor Drive in Duluth, Minnesota. The event and parking are both free.

You can find other resources on different training and educational materials and resources at the Construct Tomorrow website.

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