How often do you pay attention to your mailbox? Sure, you get your mail everyday but do you actually look at the mailbox itself? The answer is: probably not.

If you are someone who pays attention to the little things, like the condition of your mailbox, then you are killing it in life! I just don't. I do however get my mail everyday and that is more than most can say, including my neighbors. Ha!

That's About To Change!

If you don't pay attention to your mailbox, now you probably will, thanks to the USPS. They are asking Wisconsin residents to pay a bit more attention to their mailbox and the reason why is pretty interesting.

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Last week was Mailbox Improvement Week. If you missed it or didn't know about it, don't fret. You can still observe it today and all year long. According to the USPS, it is a week meant to encourage customers to do the following:

[...] examine and, where necessary, improve the appearance of their mailboxes.

Has this been on your list of chores forever? Rip the bandaid and get your mailbox up to par or at least check it and make sure it meets the right standards.

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There really is a week for everything these days! Mailbox Improvement Week happens every third week of May.

That's Not All!

USPS says that mailboxes that are kept in good shape help 'make a significant contribution' to streets everywhere. That's true!

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Aside from having a neat and tidy mailbox, Mailbox Improvement Week also brings attention to the need for mailboxes that check the following boxes:

  • Approved by the Postmaster General
  • Designed to protect your mail from severe weather
  • Safe
  • Conveniently located

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