Unidentified Flying Objects sightings seem to be having more of an uptick lately. Apparently, there was one recently in the Northland.

Just the other day, the 148th Fighter Wing was credited for shooting down a UFO over Lake Huron. Governor Walz confirmed the federal mission as well:

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Towards the end of 2022, there were two UFO sightings in Duluth about a month apart. Of course, there were many sightings all over the state as well. I just find it crazy about so many reports happening lately.

There is also a National UFO Reporting Center that you can check out all the documented reports on. I found the report of a UFO flying over Lake Superior on Reddit.

The Reddit user's headline was "Unidentified Objects over Superior tonight?". Right away I was intrigued and had to know more. The user went on to say that he and his fiancé were looking out their apartment window when they saw what they believed to be two unidentified objects, giving off an orange light. The objects were flying northwest over Lake Superior with no air traffic lights.

The Reddit user immediately checked the flight radar due to the media hype of UFOs lately. The user had multiple apps on both their phone and computer, however, there were no objects on the radar. From the user's location, the objects seemed to be moving slightly faster than the average airliner. They also went on to say that they have seen jets from the base up the hill on the radar before, but found it odd that they weren't being tracked. They also stated that this happened around 7 pm on Sunday (2/12/2023).

The user made two different updates on the post, one saying that it could have been F-16 afterburners, however, they weren't sure because there were no exterior lights. The second update was saying that he and his fiancé do not remember hearing any sound emitting from the objects, which they also hear sounds from jets.

A lot of comments were made about possibly being connected to the UFO that was shot down over Lake Huron. However, people weren't sure if this was after the UFO was shot down. Maybe it was a secret mission, or maybe it was a UFO. Check out the full Reddit post here.

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