Last month, news broke that a major event so big that only the Super Bowl ranks above it would be coming to Minnesota in 2025, now it looks like that event may have slipped through Minneapolis' fingers.

Rumors began to swirl after Wendy Blackshaw, the Chief Executive Officer of Minnesota Sports and Events, made a comment at a Minnesota House committee meeting that an event "Second Only to the Super Bowl" would be announced in a few weeks, that was at the beginning of March, so where's the big news?

What Event Was Rumored to Come to Minnesota?

The event is rumored to be WrestleMania 41, the annual mega event that draws 100,000 wrestling fans to a city for a weekend of fun and spending money, the event can have over a $1 billion of cumulative economic impact for cities that host WrestleMania.

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WrestleMania 40 just wrapped up in Philadelphia, it was held April 6th and 7th at Lincoln Financial Field, and generally the next WrestleMania location is announced around the time of the current year's event, but the WWE is still keeping the location a secret.

WrestleMania 40
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What Was Said to Suggest Minneapolis Won't Host WrestleMania ?

But, that secret could have let out of the bag this weekend after WWE Hall of Famer Mark Calaway, better known as The Undertaker, on his podcast 'Six Feet Under' was asked where he thought the next WrestleMania event would be and he said, "It's in Vegas next year. That's what I think. I think I heard that."

Next year's WrestleMania event is gearing up to be a HUGE event, with a rumored match between The Rock and WWE's biggest current star Roman Reigns, so Minneapolis might not be the destination that the WWE is looking for next year for its army of fans from around the world.

WrestleMania 39
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Minneapolis has tried multiple times to get WrestleMania at U.S. Bank Stadium, but have failed to land the event each time, and it appears that Minnesota might be getting pinned to the mat again. No word on when an official announcement will be made, stay tuned.

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