It's no secret it's been windy. These reported wind gusts are pretty wild, though!

A mid-April storm system moving across the region is bringing soaking rain and strong wind gusts to Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. It's been so windy that power outages had been reported on Tuesday evening and into Wednesday by Minnesota Power and there was even a semi-truck that was overturned on one of Duluth's bridges.

An empty Fed-Ex truck was seemingly blown on its side on the Bong Bridge in Duluth on Tuesday afternoon, forcing a temporary closure of the Duluth-bound lanes of the bridge. While the incident is under investigation and wind has not been named as the official cause, significant wind gusts have been reported on the bridge.

Wind gusts around the region have been reported over 50 miles per hour in a number of locations, with the top wind gust in the area being atop the Blatnik Bridge, where gusts topped out over 60 mph!

The wind won't be going away anytime soon, with strong winds expected into the weekend across the Northland, with areas near Lake Superior seeing the strongest wind gusts. Gusts around 40 mph could still be expected on Friday and Saturday.

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Here's an updated look at top wind gusts reported across Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin this week:

Top Wind Gusts Reported Across Northern Minnesota & Wisconsin This Week

  • Solon Springs, WI: 28 mph
  • Grand Rapids, MN: 30 mph
  • Ashland, WI: 31 mph
  • Aitkin, MN: 31 mph
  • Bayfield, WI: 31 mph
  • Moose Lake, MN: 36 mph
  • Gowan, MN: 36 mph
  • Twig, MN: 36 mph
  • Brainerd, MN: 37 mph
  • Madeline Island (WI): 38 mph
  • Hibbing, MN: 38 mph
  • Bong Airport (Superior, WI): 39 mph
  • Ely, MN 39 mph
  • Cloquet, MN: 40 mph
  • Cotton, MN: 40 mph
  • Park Point: 44 mph
  • US 53 at Anderson Road (Duluth, MN): 44 mph
  • Isabella, MN: 44 mph
  • Piedmont (Duluth, MN): 45 mph
  • Blatnik Bridge Abutment (Superior, WI side): 45 mph
  • Port Wing, WI: 47 mph
  • Schroeder, MN: 47 mph
  • Two Harbors, MN: 48 mph
  • Grand Marais, MN: 52 mph
  • Silver Bay, MN: 52 mph
  • Sky Harbor Airport: 53 mph
  • Duluth Airport: 55 mph
  • Thompson Hill (Duluth, MN): 55 mph
  • I-35 at Garfield Ave. (Duluth, MN): 57 mph
  • Blatnik Bridge: 65 mph

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