As everyone knows we have had a crazy winter in the Twin Ports, and crazy as in how little snow we have had.

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For people like me, it's been a wonderful winter season but for those who enjoy true outdoor winter activities like skiing, snowmobiling, and ice fishing, it's been a bummer.

I'm currently writing this as a snowstorm is hitting the area, and after we just got in from driving up on the hill in Duluth and back down to Superior.  We didn't heed the warnings put out to not drive and did ok in the pickup truck, though others didn't do so well.

Going up Duluth's Mesaba Ave there were multiple vehicles struggling to make the grade with how slippery it was.  On the way back down from lunch we routed through the Woodland neighborhood to drop off something with my folks and the drive down 21st Avenue East wasn't that bad.

Coming off the bridge back to Superior there was more than one car that went off the roundabout.  Again, we did okay but there were a couple of times I was regretting going out as we didn't really need to.

Earlier today the Duluth Police Department issued a post on Facebook which you can see here and if the roads stay in a similar condition for the next day or so, it's probably best to not ignore the suggestion of staying home if that's an option.

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