Some of rock's biggest acts have suffered dramatic fragmentation while trying to create new material.

Even at the best of times, bands can be combustible. When alpha creative types work together, egos inevitably clash. Then you have to factor in personal biases, drug use and external influences. Shove all of these ingredients in a small studio with long hours and little sleep and you start to realize why recording sessions can create such volatile situations.

The list below details 16 Albums That Tore Rock’s Biggest Bands Apart. In some cases, the splits were permanent, either bringing the band to an close or signaling the end of an important member’s tenure in the lineup. In other situations, the group’s acrimony was only short-lived, with the members able to later return and continue their work together.

Some of the acts you’d expect to see here. For example, Fleetwood Mac, who’ve certainly been a powder keg of drama for most of their existence. Also the Police, who were famously contentious despite their incredible success.

Other entries here are a little less predictable. The Cars were certainly harmonious through most of their existence, while Styx enjoyed many years of accord before things took a turn for the worse.

Given the quality of artists included here, it's fair to wonder if a certain amount of tension is necessary to field success. After all, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Van Halen all rank among the greatest rock acts of all time – and each of them had an album that tore the band apart.

Albums That Tore Bands Apart