Alex Lifeson appears as a guest on a brand new song by the prog rock trio Trifecta, titled "Once Around the Sun With You."

The track comes ahead of Trifecta's upcoming album, The New Normal, which will be released April 12.

"'Once Around the Sun With You' is an anniversary song written for my wife in commemoration of all the years she's put up with me," bassist and singer Nick Beggs explained of the track. "Need I say more. The woman is a saint."

You can listen to the song below.

Beggs formed Trifecta in 2021 with his fellow Steven Wilson bandmates Craig Blundell and Adam Holzman. The offshoot trio released their debut album, Fragments, that same year.

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"Our history with Alex Lifeson goes back quite a few years to when Rush invited numbers of artists to re-record an anniversary version of their classic album 2112," Beggs continued. "Steven Wilson and band rattled off a version of 'The Twilight Zone' one afternoon during sound check which was included on the final release. I also invited Alex to play guitars on the Mute Gods' song 'One Day' so I guess it was only a question of time before he was asked to contribute to Trifecta too.

"I don't like to bug him too much but if it's a song I think he'll enjoy I'll inevitably send him a demo to gauge his response. He instantly related to 'Once Around the Sun' and added some wonderful guitar color to the track."

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