In the span of less than a day, one house became the sight of a murder-suicide AND a robbery.

A tragedy in Blaine has taken a WTAF turn after it was discovered that a house was ransacked just hours after the homeowners were found dead.

The Tragedy in Blaine

41-year-old Sarah Gordon and 66-year-old Daniel Seman were found dead in a parked vehicle at the couple's home on March 27th. Investigators are not looking for any suspects, believing the tragedy to be a murder-suicide.

The WTAF in Blaine

A family friend stopped by the home later that night and reported that the residence had been robbed.

According to Seman's LinkedIn page, he was a Licensed Protective Agent and an "unspoken strength of authority when it comes to any and all security services".

"Why is that relevant?" ~You

Among the items stolen were around 50 guns, and a Licensed Protective Agent isn't going to be collecting pea shooters. Seman had them properly kept safe in a gun room with a biometric lock, but the door was kicked in.

So now there are over 50 quality guns in the hands of criminals. Yay.

So Far the Incidents Are Considered Unrelated

The Anoka County Sheriff's Office said yesterday (4/2/24) that the burglary is being considered a civil matter and "unrelated to the deaths of Ms. Gordon and Mr. Seman.”

A murder-suicide topped with a burglary of around 50 guns (as well as luxury bags, luggage, and art): today's Sign of the Apocalypse.


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