COLLEGEVILLE (WJON News) -- Kids in grades 5-8 will get to explore the great outdoors and learn at the same time for the next three weeks at St. John's Prep (SJP). The school is hosting its annual summer Explorers Camp from 8:00 a.m. to Noon over the next three Wednesdays.

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Laura Hartog, St. John's Prep
Laura Hartog, St. John's Prep

Each week the camp focuses on a different theme: arts, sciences, and cultural exploration. Camp Organizer Laura Hartog says the camps are intended to be a sampling of some of the things SJP offers during the school year. She says they change the cultural exploration every year and this year it is yoga:

"So they'll start their day with a little meditation and yoga and learn about that practice and where it comes from and then they'll do a craft so they'll get to take something home, last year they did these really cool maracas and we actually added in some music and different things for them."

Laura Hartog, St. John's Prep
Laura Hartog, St. John's Prep

She says in addition to the activities the lunch is theme related, and every day the kids get outside to explore the 2,900 acre St. John's campus. Hartog says the kids have so much fun they don't notice they are learning:

"They don't really realize that they are at an educational program especially the day with the sciences they spend their entire session outside, in the water, in the woods, or on the water and so we always remind them to bring an extra set of, change of clothes because inevitably somebody ends up in Lake Sagatagen."

She says the camp is always very interesting and a lot of fun for both the kids and staff. Click on this link for the registration page and more information.


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