Dennis Luebbe, Rice County Highway Engineer told Commissioners during a Work Session today in Faribault the bone dry weather is wreaking havoc with gravel roads.

Luebbe pointed out there are 74 miles of gravel roads in Rice County which prompted this response from District 1 Commissioner Jim Purfeerst.

Luebbe said there has been some discussion about putting down calcium chloride for dust control purposes.

That prompted this response from District 5 Commissioner Jeff Docken.

Luebbe reported at the start of his presentation the lack of precipitation has kept construction projects moving along.

The veteran head of the Rice County Highway Departnent talked about work in the Veseli area.

Commissioners also discussed a Remote Work Policy for employees with Adam Johnson, Deputy County Administrator saying some departments have reported more productive work from home.

Commissioners seemed to agree after the policy is adopted there needs to be an update on how it's working,

Six months was suggested to be the time frame for the review.

Commissioners hope to adopt a policy during an August meeting.

Commissioner Purfeerst informed his colleagues Olmsted County has recently called remote workers back to their offices.

Below is a recording of a majority of the meeting from July 18, 2023.

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