The Rice County Board of Commissioners Tuesday unanimously approved a master plan for affordable housing to be built on the north end of the Public Safety Center property in Faribault.

Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA)  Executive Director Joy Watson told Commissioners they are partnering with Three Rivers Community Action on the project.

HRA contracted with WSB Architects of Rochester to provide a site plan.  WBS representative Andy Masterpole presented three concepts and said the HRA Board and Rice County Economic Development Committee preferred the Cul-de-sac proposal.

Commissioner Steve Underdahl believes the affordable housing neighborhood should not have a cookie cutter approach.

Commissioner Jim Purfeerst voiced his opinion following the presentation.

No timetable for the project was shared at the meeting but the board approval allows for it to move forward.   Watson stated they would like to have a name attached to the housing development.  There are approximately 7 acres of land on the north end of the property where the new Public Safety Center is being constructed just off Highway 3 on the north end of Faribault.

Watson explained the project is receiving a $600,000 grant to assist in constructing the first six homes of what could eventually be 22 buildable lots.