We've been eagerly awaiting the newest cocktail lounge that's coming to Rochester, Minnesota. They've been working on getting ready to open for a few months now but there might be hints that they'll be open starting this Saturday!

The owner of this new cocktail lounge is also the woman behind Ootori Sushi, Mezza9, and, her latest endeavor Bebop: Sammi Loo.

CHOOCHOO-ca-CHEW | Tiffany Alexa
CHOOCHOO-ca-CHEW | Tiffany Alexa

I've never had the opportunity to meet her but I'm seriously impressed by her entrepreneurship. I've been to all three of her restaurants at least once and I love them all. So I'll be excited to try out her cocktail lounge.

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What is 1928 Cocktail Lounge, Rochester, MN?

The cocktail lounge is called 1928 Cocktail Lounge and it'll be located above Bebap in downtown Rochester.

It will be Shanghai-inspired and they'll serve cocktails and small bites. Their website says the food on their menu "reminds us of the street foods and moms' kitchens in East Asia."

When is 1928 Cocktail Lounge Opening?

Based on some posts on social media this week, it appears they're opening on Saturday! But if that's an official opening date or if it's just a special, one-day thing for now, I'm not totally sure.

Here's why.

On Tuesday the 20th, three different pictures were posted at different times. The first one was quite vague and just said 'Are you ready for us?'

The second one had some more detail and gave a date and time: Saturday, 4-11.

And then there's a lot more detail in the third post talking about a live jazz performance that will be taking place that evening.

The reason I'm wondering if this is just a one-time thing and they aren't ready to 100% open up yet is because there hasn't been any other sort of opening announcement from them. My guess is they're going to test the waters, open for just this Saturday for now, see how it all goes, and then set an official opening date.

While on their website, though, they do have hours posted now!

So whenever they do officially open, they'll be open Tuesday through Saturday 4 PM - midnight with the kitchen closing at 11 PM.

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