It's, sadly, the end of the road for one of the very first cocktail lounges in Minnesota. Tattersall Distilling is a pretty well-known name in the cocktail community now and it got its start in the Minneapolis location they are now being forced out of.

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Tattersall Distilling

Tattersall opened on the NE side of Minneapolis in 2015. I've been there once; the atmosphere is great and the cocktails are delicious.

They started to become quite successful and, as the Star Tribune writes, they ended up expanding the location just one year after opening.

Pretty soon they added an event space too.

Now, you can find the Tattersall label in almost any liquor store.

They also expanded into River Falls, WI in 2021 and moved much of their production to that location too. The River Falls location isn't just a cocktail lounge, it's also a restaurant, and because of Wisconsin liquor laws, they're allowed to sell full-size bottles of their liquor in-house.

Tattersall Closing Their Minneapolis Location

Unfortunately, the location that started it all is closing. And it doesn't seem like it was Tattersall's choice.

In January 2024, Tattersall was served an eviction notice from their landlord. The Star Tribune writes that the notice says Tattersall "hadn't paid more than $120,000 in rent, real estate taxes, late fees and other monthly expenses since August 2023."

Well, that sounds super bad. But co-founder of Tattersall, Jon Kreidler, says, "It appears that our landlord's IT system was hacked and caused issues for the landlord in receiving our payment."

So is Tattersall being forced out even though something happened that was out of their control? They were, allegedly, still making payments on time. Or was Tattersall really not paying their rent?

I don't know the answers to those questions, but I do know that the Minneapolis location of Tattersall will close at the end of this year.

New Tattersall Location Coming to Minnesota

But never fear! They do have plans to open a different location somewhere in Minnesota. I would imagine they'd want to stay in the Minneapolis area but we'll see what they decide!

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