What would you choose if money wasn't an issue and you could live in any city worldwide? Would it be a southern city with warmer weather, a city closer to family, or a city that aligns more closely with your lifestyle?

I'd be tempted to select a warm-weather destination like Miami or San Diego. I love Minnesota and the four seasons, but there is a two or three-week stretch in January that is downright miserable. Remitly examined Google search data to identify the city that Minnesotans want to move to the most - surprisingly, it's not a warm weather location.

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Home Bay's moving trends for 2022 show the top reason why people move is "to improve their quality of life, live in a cheaper area (23%), and get a bigger place (22%)." The real estate site's survey found that "75% of Americans have regrets about their move, including 20% that wished they had never moved."

The City People In Minnesota Want To Move To Most

The preferred location for Minnesotans to move can vary based on several factors including lifestyle, job opportunities, climate preferences, and other factors like proximity to family and friends.

I could see people wanting to escape the cold to warmer cities in states like Florida, Arizona, or Texas. However, the city Minnesotans want to move to most isn't in a warm weather area.

KuznetsovDmitry, Thinkstock
KuznetsovDmitry, Thinkstock

Remitly examined Google search data pertaining to the query "move to [city]" in Minnesota from October 2022 to September 2023. Chicago, Illinois, was the city with the highest number of searches during this period.

If you're considering a move but still want to stay in the state, take a look at the fastest-growing cities that offer plenty of opportunities.

The 10 Fastest Growing Cities in Minnesota

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