By showing some school pride on their debit cards, residents in the Janesville area recently learned how much school spirit the community really has as the Janesville State Bank made two donations to area school based on the use of those school spirit debit cards. The total donated amounted to more than $15,000 to two area schools, Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton and Trinity Lutheran School.

Since 2014, the Janesville State Bank has offered the different two debit cards for both schools in town, J-W-P, and Trinity Lutheran School. How it works is that anyone that uses the cards will have a portion of their expenses donated to the respective school. Faribault's Reliance Bank offers a similar program with Faribault area schools.

In two different social media posts, the Janesville State Bank donated $11,593.67 to J-W-P Schools and $4,752.60 to Trinity Lutheran School.

Congrats to the residents of the Janesville area for helping to raise those funds for the area schools.

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