Some people have all of the luck, if you want to call it that. At least as far as the snowfall this year. If you like outdoor Winter activities, like snowmobiling, skiing, and activities that require a healthy snowfall, you are out of luck in Southern MN so far.

We have not received a lot of snow this season, and while there is a light snow happening as I write this, it is nothing like what I remember growing up. I remember my mom making sure my Halloween costume fit over my snowsuit a lot of years when I was growing up. This has not been the pattern in recent years.

I am definitely feeling a little jealous of those out in Erie, Pennsylvania who got over 60 inches, yes 5 FEET, of snow over the holiday weekend. Not everyone will agree with me, but, I do want at least one good, old-fashioned blizzard this year. Of course, this would be great as long as I don't have to go anywhere, and nobody loses power.

So yes, after seeing the pictures of the Erie area, I am feeling jealous. You can see some of them here.

portrait of young children by a snowman
Getty Images/Ingram Publishing

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