When in Rome, right?

Comedian Jim Gaffigan made a stop at the Lafayette CAJUNDOME last night (Feb. 4) and while he was in Cajun Country he decided to try some of the local fare. We're in the midst of crawfish season and the timing couldn't have been better for Gaffigan to sample mudbugs for the very first time.

Anyone who is a fan of the world-renowned comedian is probably familiar with his well-known stance on seafood. If not, do yourself a favor and indulge in these short standup videos from Jim describing his feelings on food from the sea.

Seafood, or bug meat as Jim calls it, is basically bugs underwater.

When it comes to "bug meat" he had an entire bag of it (I cackled at his joke about the bag) while he was in Lafayette, as he tried our crawfish "bugs" for the very first time.

The jury may still be out on how Jim truly feels about crawfish, but he did give the camera a satisfactory response, so maybe Lafayette could be the place to change his mind on seafood.

Instagram, Jim Gaffigan
Instagram, Jim Gaffigan

In the meantime, check out more seafood-related Gaffigan standup as well as the full video from his seafood standup bit recorded in Boston.

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