If your kids have complained about how horrible life is and how there is nothing to do in Minnesota, you might want to show them this story.  Looks like Minnesota isn't a bad place to raise a family after all.

Minnesota Just Ranked as the Top Spot to Be A Kid

Out of all of the states in the United States, it appears that those who chose the Land of 10,000 Lakes to raise a family made a good decision.  According to the Best of Minnesota Facebook page, our state was just picked as the #1 place to be a kid by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.  And one of our neighbors landed on the top 5 list too!


After a bit of research, it looks like the top states were picked based on the following statistics:

  • percentage of low-birthweight babies
  • children without health insurance
  • kids who are not in school
  • teenagers who use alcohol or drugs
  • percentage of children in poverty

You can see the full study by The Annie E. Casey Foundation on the website here.

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What do you love most about the state of Minnesota?

Some of us that live in Minnesota are here because a job brought us to the state.  Others have been here for life, or thought that this would be the perfect place to retire.  If you still call this place home, tell me what you love most about it!  Let me know by clicking on the link below or checking out my page - Jessica On The Radio!

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