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The Karens are out in full force enjoying all of the wonders of springtime, and we were just lucky enough to come across one caught on camera acting like a fool in Denny's.

TikToker @highhan shared a video that shows a belligerent woman screaming and yelling in Denny's after allegedly being told not to leave her dogs in a hot car. She then proceeds to blame "young people" and "liberal idiots" for calling her out on her BS. Priceless. If young people and liberal idiots care about dogs in a hot car, then count me in.

This woman acts so crazy that I'm surprised her dogs haven't just run the hell away from her already. One person commented on the video saying "Plot twist: Her dogs locked themselves in the car and thanked God for the hot, sunny day." So dark. So funny. Comedy gold.

It never ceases to amaze me or embarrass me to my core when someone acts that disrespectful in a public setting. Karen is always there to remind us all just how nasty humans can truly be. Enjoying some pancakes at Denny's while your poor dogs roast in a hot car is pretty friggin' evil if you ask me.

Warning: there's bad language in the video below.

Where do people get this sense of entitlement? It's just bizarre. Don't they feel any shame at all when they lose their s*** in a business? Someone should remind them that everyone has a phone these days and a desire to become TikTok famous. No stone unturned. There's no safe place to act like a moron. You're better off just being a jerk at your own home to your own family.

Now, she will be internet famous forever. What a lucky lady!

Behave yourselves out there and never ever leave your dog in the car when it's hot outside without at least providing them with some A/C. Messed-up crap like this deserves a swift kick in the pants.

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