Are you a connoisseur of fine old whiskey? Do you enjoy pouring a little of that aged whiskey into a snifter, swirling it around, getting a whiff of its aromatic flavor before taking a sip and rolling it around in your mouth, allowing you to appreciate all the flavors or, like me, do you toss down a shot, feeling the burn all the way down until it settles in your stomach and warms your mid-section?

No matter how you enjoy your whiskey if you have a collection of older whiskey, the state of Kentucky would like to get their hands on it, or, should I say, the bars in Kentucky may soon like to purchase it.

On Wednesday, a Kentucky House panel pushed through legislation that would allow bars, restaurants and liquor stores to purchase unopened, vintage bottles of alcohol. If this law passes, the Bluegrass State's liquor establishments would be able to look for rare bottles of liquor to add to their inventory to be used in cocktails or as shots. Of course there will probably be a hefty upcharge for this vintage booze.

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