Kenyon Mayor Mike Engel, 73, passed away July 4th at his home.  KDHL spoke with a few people from Kenyon including City Councilman John Mortenson.  Mortenson praised Engel as a, "Good leader who always put Kenyon first."  Mortenson added, "Mike was a very intelligent man.  He always researched issues thoroughly."

Engel was in his 4th term and 7th year as Kenyon Mayor.  I had the pleasure of visiting with the Mayor a few times over those years.  His passion for the community was very evident in our discussions.

Councilman Mortenson says the regular meeting of the council Tuesday they will discuss how to move forward.  At this time Councilman Richard Nielsen will be the Acting Mayor.

The Obituary for Engel states in part, "Born May 23, 1946, Mike discovered early on his love of reading, and in high school earned the nickname 'Einstein,' owing to his devotion to learning.  A smart man who never stopped being curious about the world, he was proud to pass his thirst for knowledge on to his children and grandchildren."

The Obituary goes on the say, "The family would like to invite all to join in a celebration of Mike's life at the Kenyon VFW Noon on Saturday, July 13th, 2019 for food and fellowship."

I did the public address announcing at the Kenyon-Wanamingo American Legion baseball game in Wanamingo against Cannon Falls this evening.  We had a moment of silence in honor of "Mayor Mike."

The City of Kenyon also lowered a flag on the Boulevard of Roses to half staff in his honor.

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