The Kenyon Police Department (KPD) recently posted on their Facebook page they want to inform the public NOT to point lasers at aircrafts.

The posting stated the KPD spoke with, "the Minneapolis Air Traffic Control (MATC) about a laser pointing incident that involved an airplane descending into the MSP Airport.  The pilot reported to the MATC the laser came from the city of Kenyon."

The KPD informed MATC officials they would be notifying the citizens of Kenyon, "so they can anonymously report any future incidents to the police department or to the FAA."

"It's unfortunate that we have to tell the public to avoid these kinds of actions.  It should be commen sense."  The Kenyon Police Department post states.

KPD goes on to cite Federal Aviation Administration website information about Laser Strikes.

The FAA says, "Laser strikes on aircraft remain a serious threat to aviation safety.  Intentionally aiming lasers at aircrafts poses a safety threat to pilots and violates federal law."

"Many high-powered lasers can incapacitate pilots flying aircraft that may be carrying hundreds of passengers.."

"The FAA works closely with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to pursue civil and criminal penalties against people who purposely aim a laser at an aircraft."

"The agency takes enforcement action against people who violate Federal Aviation Regulations by shining lasers at aircraft and can impose civil penalities of up to $11,000 peer violation."

The FAA websites points out they have, "imposed civil penalties up to $30,800 against people for multiple laser incidents."

Jeffrey Sjoblom, Kenyon Police Chief told KDHL/POWER 96 the call came in 10:52 p.m. July 4, 2022.

I asked if they could pinpoint the location better and Sjoblom indicated probably if it came from a rural area but they can only say the "Kenyon City area" at this time.

This is very serious.  The laser blinded the pilot with the plane flying at an altitude of approximately 19,000 feet.

This is a fascinating read.

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