Fans of the Iconic 80's tv series maybe excited, or not depending on your mindset, to hear that the show is making a comeback.

NBC Universal
NBC Universal

This will be the second go around at reviving the classic David Hasselhoff show, as in 2008 NBC brought back the show for a very short lived TV reboot. According to Yahoo, a movie reboot is in the works headed by Atomic Monster, the production company by Aquaman director James Wan, and Spyglass Media Group.

The Original 'Knight Rider' series stared David Hasselhoff as crimefighter Micheal Knight, and featured a high-tech AI Pontiac Trans-AM by the name of K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Two Thousand). The series aired from 1982-1986, spanning 90 episodes over four seasons. From Hasselhoff, to the iconic car and catchy theme song, 'Knight Rider' was a hit during the 80's and to this day still has a huge fan base.

While no official date has been announced for when the Reboot will hit the silver screen, all parties involved are currently working on development plans and are keeping very quiet about any and all information regarding the show.

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