Looking at homes on Zillow that you can't afford is so much fun. Could you call it a hobby? Looking at how lavishly some people live is entertaining in a way. It's also fun to daydream about living there. So while perusing Zillow today I found the largest home currently for sale in Minnesota.

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I wrote a post just like this back in 2020 and people still love looking at the pictures. That home has been sold since then so now we have a new 'largest home for sale'!

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The home I wrote about in 2020 is over 22,000 square feet, which is absolutely nuts. This house that's currently the largest home for sale is "only" almost 14,000 square feet.

Largest Home Currently For Sale in Minnesota (PICTURES)

The largest home currently for sale in Minnesota is in Faribault, MN. It's a whopping 13,680 square feet.

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