On a pure lark, let's just Google Minnesota with one other word and see what comes up first in a Google search. To be honest, if I see something a little juicier farther down the list, I may choose that one.

First up is Minnesota Crackpots, and we get a band out of the University of Minnesota that calls themselves the Crak Pots. I didn't expect that.

Next we'll try Minnesota Jerks and we find an article on people who've moved to Minnesota and don't find us too friendly. Not a very flattering article on Minnesotans.

How about Minnesota Dirt Balls? I laughed out loud on this one. Click on the link and be surprised like I was.

Next up is Minnesota Junk. Ooh I like this one. It's a series of junk sales in Minnesota.

When I googled Minnesota Rascals I came up with a pub and grill in Apple Valley. Not too exciting.

Minnesota Wimps sure surprised me. Click on it to find out what a real wimp is. I had no idea.

I tried Minnesota Renegades and found out that it's a girls softball team.

Another boring find was Minnesota Goof Off, which turns out to be a cleaner and degreaser product.

And finally I just had to try Minnesota Loren, and, of course, it's not me but former lawmaker Loren Solberg.

I've had enough of this. I'm done.

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