Yesterday's game at US Bank Stadium had its ups and downs for fans of both teams, as the Minnesota Vikings hosted the Detroit Lions. While the Vikings won on a last-second field goal, it was what happened before the game that may turn some Vikings fans into secret Detroit Lions fans. Running Back Jamaal Williams, of the Lions, took some time during warmups before the game to play catch with some young kids in the stands, and it was pretty cool.

The fifth-year pro, and former Green Bay Packers player, Williams would have an intimate knowledge of the Vikings, and of course, the fans who come to the games. It would be pretty easy to shrug off some fans on the road, but Williams didn't do that, instead, he engaged with some of the kids before the game with a small gesture, a simple game of catch, and I can guarantee you that when those kids left the game they weren't just talking about the score.

While the Lions didn't win the game, Williams sure won with his attitude to all NFL fans. This is one of those things that we never see much of anymore, and that is sad. It's hard to grow the game, and add fans if there isn't any interaction between players and fans.

COVID probably is the reason I was so stunned to see this video. For about a year we all reduced contact with family and friends and now that we are able to head back out to the stadiums and fill the stands, it certainly appears the players are appreciative too.

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