Today, Jan. 4, or any first Monday in January, is "Thank Goodness It's Monday" Day.

So after we stayed up late and tried to remember to write and say the new year, it's Monday. Hooray. I guess this may be the only Monday to be thankful for. Sometimes it takes a half a day or so to get going, but truly Mondays aren't that bad. It's kind of funny because this Monday is also "Blue," so I guess take your pick.

Later this week, Jan. 7, we celebrate with Harlem Globetrotters Day. Boy, it's going to be cold wearing those red, white and blue shorts. Or we could just bounce a basketball or do some trick shots, maybe balance a spinning ball on a finger or head.

Also on the 7th, "I'm not going to take it anymore" Day. Then relax on Bubble Bath Day on the eighth.

Remember to celebrate all week long for Elvis Presley's birthday on Friday.

Well, it seems the whole month of January celebrates the New Year to help us with resolutions that we may or may not make or follow through with because it is the month of:

  • Celebration of Life, this should be every month,
  • Financial Wellness
  • Get a Balanced Life
  • Get Organized
  • International New Years Resolutions for Businesses
  • National Personal Trainer Awareness Month.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.


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