Soil Warrior

The Steele County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) recognized Jim Nash as the 2020 Outstanding Conservationist. Jim grows corn and soybeans just south of Owatonna. It was about 5 years ago Jim began planting a few acres of cover crops later in the growing season in his corn. This is the second year Jim has planted cover crops about this time of the year into his soybeans. Almost instantly Jim noticed positive changes in his soil.

Jim also adopted a strip till system using a Soil Warrior from Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) that was developed and manufactured right here in Faribault. The Soil Warrior tills a strip of about 7 inches wide as you apply your fertilizer. Then you come back in the spring and plant in those strips. It's the best of both worlds, you get the benefit of tillage for a good seed bed while also not tilling between the strips!



Click on the link and listen to the interview with the 2020 Steele County SWCD Outstanding Conservationist Jim Nash!

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